Featured Post: Grachten Festival

August 16, 2020

November 30, -0001

People from Amsterdam probably already know about the Grachten Festival. However, we do not want to not introduce it to all of our readers…

In ten days, over 250 concerts will take place in around 100 different unique locations. Some locations are the Binnenhof, Melkweg, Pllek, Sexyland, Westerkerk, Het Scheepvaartmuseum and many more cafes, restaurants, hotels, churches, parks, terraces, and so on… If you are a real classical music or jazz fan – you definitely should not miss this festival.

The Grachten Festival started last week and continues until Sunday the 16th. So, if you have not checked it out yet make sure to do so.

Also, did you know that this Festival exists since 1998?! Clearly, it is a great possibility for young musicians. They come from all over the world to share their talent with us in Amsterdam. 

Make sure to get more information about the locations, acts and your tickets on the official Grachtenfestival website. There, you also find the whole program of the festival. 

However, we also want to remind you that we are still in times of Corona. Please make sure to inform yourself about all regulations of this festival to take part and get the best out of it. Enjoy!

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