Weekly Agenda: Week 33

July 20, 2020

July 26, 2020

As you know, with our weekly agenda we want to inform you about what is going on in the Netherlands. This weeks agenda has some great things to do for you, your friends and the whole family! We provide activities in Eindhoven and Amsterdam.

Eindhoven: Vagabond Cinema

Vagabond Cinema is a travelling open-air cinema at unusual locations in Eindhoven. At the various locations, they create a living room atmosphere in collaboration with near bars.

This month, their screen will pop-up at all those different locations that you can think of: squares, streets, empty buildings, roofs… Thus, their goal is to create a new experience of watching film and meeting together in Eindhoven.

The program is aimed at presenting special mainstream (classics), indie and festival films from around the world.

Find out more information about this weeks program: here

Amsterdam: Zomersessies – Gianski & Indian Askin

After 3 months of Corona, the famous Melkweg presents you the Zomersessies! This month will be full of various artists sharing their music with you. This Friday you can listen to Gianski and on Saturday to Indian Askin.

More information and tickets: here

Amsterdam: Grachten Festival

As you possibly already know, since last week there is the Grachten Festival in Amsterdam. If you are a classical music fan you should definitely check it out! There are concerts at many different locations from various artists all around the world. If you cannot travel to Amsterdam there is also a live stream on their website!

More information and tickets: here

We want to remind you to inform yourselves firmly about the respective regulations of each company and operator. As always, we want you to be careful but also to make the best of these times! 

Also, feel free to check out our Experiences if you want to travel a bit further!

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