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August 18, 2020

November 30, -0001

The future: rarely has it been so uncertain. The impact of the corona crisis is large and still unclear. Will our existence, our way of working, recreation and travel change forever? What will our physical contact look like in a year? Will our finances change? Will this period become a chapter in the history books or will it soon be forgotten? Do we need to change our lives radically? In short: What Now?

This summer, Leiden performing arts organizations are joining forces. Together with the city, the Leidse Schouwburg – Stadsgehoorzaal, the Veenfabriek, PS | Theater, DansBlok, Fields of Wonder and KASSETT are we looking for answers to the question ‘What now?’.

After all online initiatives, we are going offline again. We are going outside. From dance to theatre, from music to experience theatre: together and with you, we will find out how to live, from now on. A search for how to proceed now. How the future will look like, how you will soon eat, dance, work and fall in love. It is an open invitation to all Leiden residents to become inspired, amazed and emotional.

DansBlok: Center Point

Center Point is about skin hunger, about looking for a connection, about finding your home, your “center point”. Anyone who feels at home in their body feels at home everywhere. Your body is your home. Your body carries you everywhere. This is a natural idea for us dancers, but this is now an everyday reality. Your body is the only thing you can rely on, build and take care of right now. Your body is your compass, the central point from which you search for direction.

Day: 30th of August
Place: De Buurt 1.5 (Pesthuis)
Time: 14:15, 15:30 and 16:45

weekly agenda
PS|theater: TOOS, wat nu?

What does this time do to someone who has experienced everything before? TOOS, what now? is a heart-warming, musical listening performance in which actor Tijs Huys hopes to find answers to the big questions of our time from 102-year-old Toos.

Day: 30th of August
Place: De Buurt 1.5 (Pesthuis)
Time: 14:15, 15:30 and 16:45

Veenfabriek Zoldersessies

Be welcome at the Veenfabriek. As a new band we play and make intimate music theater sessions about people at a well .. canceled party. But in our imaginations we are on the way, are we in the middle of the party, or are about to leave.
From a lonely isolation we long, remember and almost forget the real contact.

Day: 30th of August
Place: De Buurt 1.5 (Pesthuis)
Time: 19:15 and 20:30


We are cynics. In the quest for how we shape the future, we are inspired by cynicism, a philosophical movement and Ancient Greek for dogs. We breathe new life into this philosophy and go in a musical and theatrical way in search of what we actually already know – because how else will you know when you have found it.

Day: 30th of August
Place: De Buurt 1.5 (Pesthuis)
Time: 19:15 and 20:30

Get more information about the event and tickets here.

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