Diverse Antwerp

From a bike-tour in the world famous harbor towards a foodie-experience in the heart of the medieval inner city


Duration: 1 Day
Activity: Cultural Visit, Biking, Food Tasting, Walking


You always wanted to visit our neighbours in Belgium? We have this really cool Antwerp Experience where you explore all the diverse areas of the city. Antwerp owns the biggest harbour in Europe and a beautiful city centre. Since it is really close to the Netherlands you should definitely check it out!

In the morning, we are going to do a bike tour through the harbour of Antwerp. We will grab no lunch together because… In the afternoon, we continue the bike tour and are going to get some taste of the best food and drinks in the city. Snacks will be for example Belgian waffles, fries or shrimp croquettes and for drinks, of course among others, original Belgian beer.


Min. number of persons: 6
Duration: 1 day

When can we book? This tour is daily bookable in consultation

How late do we start? Between 9.00 and 10.00

Where do we start and where do we end? Antwerp (Antwerp), Belgium on an agreed location.

What is included in the price? We offer a private guide which is also the organizer for the complete excursion. We cover all organized activities, pickup, and drop-off on the agreed location. Bikes, food & drinks, and all taxes.

Total price p.p.: € 119,-


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