Dutch Waterland Experience

Enjoy the surroundings of Amsterdam in this diverse and relaxing cycle tour!


Duration: Half a Day
Activity: Biking


On the northern part of this marvellous city lays the quiet and characteristic Waterland lanes, lushes pastures filled with cows and a wide variety of many different birds. You will experience the typical Holland farms and polder landscape with lovely villages, wooden houses, farms and worldly renowned dykes. Check out the beautiful landscape that the Netherlands has to offer!

By booking the Dutch Waterland Experience we will offer you a 4-hour experience in the Netherlands most beautiful region just 15 minutes outside of the city. The tour will bring you towards Nieuwendam, the Orangelocks, Ransdorp, Holysloot and Durgerdam. We will have a short break in the tour where one can enjoy coffee and biological Dutch apple pie while enjoying one of the most popular tours we offer!


Min. number of persons: 6
Duration: Half a Day 

When can we book? This tour is daily bookable in consultation

How late do we start? Between 9.00 and 17.30

Where do we start and where do we end? Amsterdam, Netherlands

What is included in the price? We offer a private guide which is also the organizer for the complete bike trip. We cover all organized activities, pickup, and drop-off on the agreed location and all taxes.

Total price p.p.: € 45,-


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