The Hague City, Delft & the Village

Book this experience and step into the heart of our democracy.


Duration: 1 Day
Activity: Cultural Visit, Museum visits, Walking


The Hague is the best way to offer a little bit more royal experience in the Netherlands. Not only is The Hague the residence for the government but also a beautiful city itself. It has a beautiful centre with historical buildings like the ‘Binnenhof’, the Peace Palace and more.

First, we will meet in The Hague and have a walk through the city. Then, we will take the train and in only 5 minutes we will arrive in Delft. Delft is also another royal city which you might know from the Delfts Blue. To learn more about it we will visit the Royal Blue Museum. Afterwards, we will take public transport to a special small village. Over there we will have some cup of coffee and some cake and learn something more about this dreamy place.

After going back to The Hague, you will have a guided tour of the ‘Binnenhof’ which is the inner court. Since the 13th Century, the ‘Binnenhof’ has been the centre of politics in the Netherlands. All political matters and affairs of state are discussed here. We will visit also the museum which includes the famous ‘Riddersaal’.


Min. number of persons: 6
Duration: 1 day

When can we book? This tour is daily bookable in consultation

How late do we start? Between 9.00 and 10.00

Where do we start and where do we end? The Hague (South Holland), Netherlands

What is included in the price? We offer a private guide which is also the organizer for the complete excursion. We cover all organized activities, pickup, and drop-off on the agreed location. Tickets for (public) transport, museum entrance, lunch in the afternoon, and all taxes.

Total price p.p.: €120,-



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